The Desolating Sacrilege at Holy Mass concluding the Pan-Amazon Synod of Bishops 2019-10-27: ‘let those who are in Rome flee to the mountains!’

The Desolating Sacrilege at Holy Mass concluding the Pan-Amazon Synod [“La Pachamama” Synod] of Bishops Sunday, 2019-10-27: ‘let those who are in Rome flee to the mountains!’

The idol itself is called an Abomination.

An indigenous woman hands Pope Francis a plant during the closing Mass of the Synod (Vatican Media)
Marcivana Rodrigues Paiva (CNS photo/Paul Haring)

The “Desolating Sacrilege”

The “Desolating Sacrilege”, literally “Abomination of Desolation”, is taken from Daniel 9:27 meaning the profanation of the temple (1 Mac 1:54). In the verses Mark 13:14-23 on the great tribulation, our LORD appears to regard the fall of Jerusalem as a metaphor for the end of the world.

The Desolating Sacrilege upon the Altar of Burnt Offering c. 167 B.C.

1 Maccabees 1:53-55 (RSVCE)

Zeus Olympus

The rabbis as a whole consider the expression “Abomination of Desolation” as referring to the desecration of the Temple by the erection of a Zeus statue in its sacred precincts by Antiochus IV Epiphanes.

The Jewish War in Judaea (70-71 CE)
The Arch of Titus, Rome

The Arch of Titus is a Roman Triumphal Arch which was erected by Domitian in c. 81 CE at the foot of the Palatine hill on the Via Sacra in the Forum Romanum, Rome. It commemorates the victories of his father Vespasian and brother Titus in the Jewish War in Judaea (70-71 CE) when the great city of Jerusalem was sacked and the vast riches of its temple plundered. The arch is also a political and religious statement expressing the divinity of the late emperor Titus.

In the year AD 70, the Roman armies destroyed and profaned the temple, though the exact nature of the Desolating Sacrilege is unknown. The South inner panel close-up of relief of the Arch shows some spoils from the plundered temple.

South inner panel, close-up of relief showing spoils from the fall of Jerusalem

Hadrian later ordered the erection of a statue of Jupiter on its ruins.


“La Pachamama” [Mother Earth] IDOL, a bowl of dirt on the right of the stone, was the Desolating Sacrilege at the Holy Mass concluding the Pan-Amazon Synod, Sunday, Oct 27, 2019
“La Pachamama” idol, a bowl of dirt on the right of the stone
“La Pachamama” representations

It appears that this idol was also present to the left of Pope Francis in the Aula where the Pan-Amazon Synod was held.


The Navarre Bible – NT Expanded Edition Commentary:

1) Matthew 24:15-28

The discourse now returns to what our LORD was saying earlier (24:5-8). In the first verses of this passage (vv. 15-22), he seems to be referring specifically to the destruction of Jerusalem and all the unimaginable travails that will involve (cf. v. 21). To denominate this terrible event, Jesus uses the phrase “the desolating sacrilege”, referring to the “abomination of desolation”, spoken of in the book of Daniel (9:27; 11:31; 12:11), when the prophet speaks of the idolatrous Antiochus IV Epiphanes, who occupied the temple with his troops and placed images of false gods on the altar of burnt offerings (1 Mac 1:54). Our LORD is applying that episode from the history of Israel to the future destruction of Jerusalem: that is why he calls attention to the passage in Daniel (“let the reader understand”). A new abomination, he says, will occur, ruining the temple to make way for idolatrous worship – as would happen in fact in year AD 70, when the Roman armies destroyed and profaned the temple, and again later under Hadrian, who ordered the erection of a statue of Jupiter on its ruins.

Our LORD the (vv. 25-28) announces further calamities: amid all these trials, false prophets and messiahs will appear (v. 24), who will perform false signs and wonders. They will try to pass themselves off as the true Christ who is to come (v. 26). Jesus has a single word of warning for all these eventualities: “Do not believe it” (vv. 23, 26). The Son of man will not come in a hidden way or only for the sake of certain individuals; he will come like lightning that lights up all the earth (v. 27)

2) Mark 13:14-23

In these verses, our LORD appears to regard the fall of Jerusalem as a metaphor for the end of the world. The “desolating sacrilege”, literally “abomination of desolation” (v. 14), is a phrase taken from Daniel 9:27 meaning the profanation of the temple (1 Mc 1:54). Our LORD uses it to describe the terrible situation of the inhabitants of Jerusalem (vv. 14-20) when these days come: their plight will seem unbearable. He also speaks of the false messiahs and false prophets who will appear to work “signs and wonders” to deceive believers (vv. 21-22). This great “tribulation” (v. 19) is something that Christians should keep in mind when they feel they can endure no further trials. To cope with these difficulties, our LORD says, Christians must remember two things. First, he realizes that the dangers may well seem overwhelming, but God will not allow his chosen ones to be tempted beyond their endurance (v. 20). Also, they should remember that he has forewarned them: they must take heed and be watchful (v. 23). “The Word kept hidden from us the day and hour of the end of all things, and the day and hour of our own deaths. […] Since we know neither the day nor the hour, we will walk onwards every day as we have been called, fixing our attention on what is truly important and ignoring whatever is of no real importance. If a man knew the day and hour of his death, he might waste all the time before it came. Since we know neither the day nor the hour, we must always be prepared” (St. Athanasius, Contra Aroanos, 3, 49).

3) Central to the role of the False Prophet

is making the earth and its inhabitants worship the first beast.

Our “La Pachamama”, or Our Mother Earth.

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3) Jewish Encyclopedia > ABOMINATION By H. Pereira Mendes

(to’ebah): Abomination of the highest degree; […] Still more offensive to the God of Israel is the practise of idolatry. The idol itself is called an Abomination: “for it is an abomination to the Lord thy God. Neither shalt thou bring an abomination into thine house and thus become a thing set apart [tabooed=ḥerem] like unto it; thou shalt utterly detest it and utterly abhor it; for it is a thing set apart [tabooed]” (Deut. vii. 25, 26, Heb.): “Cursed be the man that maketh a graven or molten image, an abomination unto the Lord” (Deut. xxvii. 15).

4) Wikipedia | Pachamama > New Age worship

There has been a recent rise in a New Age practice among white and Andean mestizo peoples. There is a weekly ritual worship which takes place on Sundays and includes invocations to Pachamama in Quechua, although there are some references in Spanish. Inside the temple, there is a large stone with a medallion on it, symbolizing the New Age group and its beliefs. A bowl of dirt on the right of the stone is there to represent Pachamama, because of her status as a Mother Earth. Many rituals related to the Pachamama are practiced in conjunction with those of Christianity, to the point that many families are simultaneously Christian and pachamamistas. Pachamama is sometimes syncretized as the Virgin of Candelaria. Certain travel agencies have drawn upon the emerging New Age movement in Andean communities (drawn from Quechua ritual practices) to urge tourists to come to visit Inca sites. Tourists visiting these sites, such as Machu Picchu and Cusco, are offered the chance to participate in ritual offerings to Pachamama.

5) Wikipedia > Abomination of desolation

The abomination of desolation, abomination that makes desolate, or desolating sacrilege (Hebrew: הַשִּׁקּוּץ מְשׁוֹמֵֽם, ha-shikkuts meshomem, Latin: abominatio desolationis) is a term found in the Book of Daniel which means literally “an abomination that desolates” or “an abomination that *depopulates”.

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