Why Francis is NOT a nut case – 6-23-2019

Why Francis is NOT a nut case – 6-23-2019

On Sunday, June 16, 2019, I sent this message to my three work references

God Visits Babylon for her crimes

In 15 days[,] Babylon, which wherever the society of the impious are all over the world, including Kenya, will be utterly destroyed, particularly America and San Francisco – a prophet visited and came back. Whoever calls on the name of the LORD will be saved.

Same Sunday, one of them TDR, responded:

Francis, Are you OK?

This seems a strange message to get from you. Best Regards,


I responded the same evening:

Good Evening & Dear Mr. TDR,

I am very much OK and while the message might appear strange, it is very true.

Let me start with the outcome: After 15 days, the good side, city mystery Jerusalem wins. You and the two Marks have been very kind to me. I am going to need expert hoteliers who finally have no hindrance from the other side, the evil side, city mystery Babylon, to establish things as they ought to be. You, I see you in the role you were at Hyatt but over all hotels and throughout the whole world.

  • There are two sides and [no,] it is not Left/Democrats et al vs. Right/Republican et al. It is as I have said above evil vs.
  • There are two realms in which the fighting occurs: the invisible/spiritual manifested in visible/material and visa-a-versa.
  • In the invisible/spiritual fights are via intellectual argumentation. The side that wins gets to destroy aspects of the other side in both spiritual and material aspects.

I am the Messiah of the good side and will be installed after the destruction of mystery Babylon in 15 days.

It is only fitting that I with LORD, who has made the intellectual argumentation, gets to pronounce judgment via a prophetic utterance. It will surely come to pass.

The LORD is kind and merciful and there is room for everyone. They only have to call on the name of the LORD and they will be saved.


Catholics, of course, ought to go to confession for serious/mortal sin.

If after 15 days everything is as it is now, then continue to be concerned for Francis. If it is as Francis has prophesied, then I have work for you.

Please pray as above and spread the message.

Sincerely and regards,

– Francis


English Speaking “Priest Forever” / ”Sacerdote para Siempre” Sunday, June 23, 2019